Sister High School Barn Raising

Most everybody loves the new World’s Apart Heineken commercial that is showing us in an experiment how to bridge the political divide. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here, I’ll wait 😉 The experiment proves, that the willingness to sit down and listen to get to know the other person and their viewpoint[…]

Let’s continue the Learning Revolution started by Jay Cross

Just got the sad news that Thrivable Future Salon speaker Jay Cross suddenly died. We don’t know the details yet, but wanted to share his great spirit from last month at the Thrivable Future Salon where he unveiled his new book: Real Learning: The missing manual for the do-it-yourself learner.   We are very glad[…]

5+5[+5] Sessions Oct 14 Thrivable Future Salon

We love the diversity of sessions that participants are going to present, tomorrow, Wednesday 14th of October at the Thrivable Future Salon [register now]. After an introduction to Thrivability and the Future Salon we are having 5+5[+5] open mike sessions: 5 minute of introduction to a theme. 5 minutes of discussion in the room, and if[…]