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Background on Thrivability and Future Salons
Mutual Weirdness: Call it Love ~ Dr. Seuss

Mark has been hosting the Future Salon in the Bay Area since 2002. The Future Salon has provided our audience with riveting speakers on topics that lead toward a world that works for all, including David Brin, Nicole Lazarro, Mickey McManus, Howard Rheingold, Doug Engelbart, and more. Ten years later, Mark met Jean Russell, a founder of Thrivability. Jean co-created the Thrivability Sketch with 70 amazing collaborators in 2010. And then in 2013, she released, through Triarchy Press, Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works. The tagline for the Future Salon has been: Boldy Creating a World that Works for All. And so, with a tremendous shared sense of purpose and practice, not only did they marry, they are weaving the Future Salon and Thrivability together into Thrivable Futures.

  • Future present

    Co-creating tomorrow today

  • Thriving

    Highlighting ways to flourish

  • Together we are smarter

    Sourcing collective wisdom

  • Fostering participation

    Put your passion into play

Thrivable Futures is Jean + Mark + You

Jean Russell
Culture Hacker Publishing
Mark Finnern
PlayMeister Consults on playful enterprise engagement strategy and execution. Leads unique forums where new ideas flourish, including the Future Salon in San Francisco.
Wherever You Are
The More People Work on a Thrivable World the Faster We Get There. Plus For Sure We Will Have The Most Fun Getting There :-)


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