Ceptr @ Thrivable Future Salon

Ceptr a building block for a semantic, mashable, fully decentralized Internet.
Please register for the Ceptr Thrivable Future Salon on Wednesday 20th of January at IFTF in Palo Alto. 

As Buckminster Fuller said: You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller

Are you interested in blockchain-like technology? Do you want the infrastructure resilience of becoming decentralized? Do you wonder, given how broken things are, if there is a viable plan to replace it with something better? Are you curious about how new possibilities in our technology create new social contracts or vice versa?

Come and join us Wednesday 20th 6-9pm at the Institute for the Future, IFTF 201 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto [map] to learn about and discuss Ceptr, a building block for creating a semantic, mashable, fully decentralized internet. Sounds more thrivable to us! Thank you IFTF for opening your doors for us. 

Ceptr is a rebuild of much of the computing stack optimized for decentralized sense-making, computation and composability. This means semantics baked into the lowest levels of memory storage, self-describing protocols which let anything talk with anything else, blockchain-like abilities for decentralized data storage and computation.

Arthur Brock, a cocreator of Ceptr will be on hand. We will have an unpanel discussion followed by an open discussion and break out groups. We will kick off the discussion with unpanelists:

  • Kevin Marks, co-organizer of HomeBrew Website, Microformats, and Indie Web.
  • Matthew Schutte, collaborative internet advocate.
  • Deb Schultz, co-founder of YxYY, speaker on our new social contract.

The larger implications are, as always, with deep engagement with you the audience. Expect breakouts to focus on the technology, behaviors we want to enable socially, and how tools like Ceptr can increase our resilience/thrivability. There is something to discuss on this whatever your interests might be.

Not to be missed. Don’t fret if you can’t be there in person. We will stream the Ceptr Thrivable Future Salon. We will make sure to cover questions that you raise on the webcast. The webcast gallery chat alone is worth logging in for.    

See you all there,

Jean & Mark.

P.S. Yes for Old Lang Syne we will walk down the street to Pizza My Heart to continue the conversation 🙂 We may even sing Old Lang Syne on the walk over there 😉

P.P.S. Note for TFS history: It was Arthur Brock’s event where Jean and Mark meet for the first time several years ago! Thanks Arthur! Here is Mark’s Wealth a Living Systems Model post about Arthur’s work back then, plus the video:

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