Let’s continue the Learning Revolution started by Jay Cross

Just got the sad news that Thrivable Future Salon speaker Jay Cross suddenly died. We don’t know the details yet, but wanted to share his great spirit from last month at the Thrivable Future Salon where he unveiled his new book:

Real Learning: The missing manual for the do-it-yourself learner.


We are very glad that we recorded the session via Spreecast and are able to share a video of his presentation, and, with that, the call for the learning revolution in his own words:

Jay Cross presenting at the Thrivable Future Salon October 2015

Jay Cross presenting at the Thrivable Future Salon October 2015

Couple of highlights:

  • He needs our help to spread the details about Real Learning, as he wants a couple of million people using these ideas by next year.
  • In this world working and learning are converging.
  • Do the exercises, in the book, as this is experimental learning, not regular learning.
  • Informal learning people didn’t know what to do with it. It was handing the keys to the worker rather than the manager.
  • Lots of scientifically proven things improve learning: If you have a lightbulb graphic in front of you, then you are 15% more creative.

Q: Learning versus Brainwashing?

  • People should be in charge of their own lives. The more they know about themselves the more they know what they want to do.
  • Experimental learning is like the Sierra Nevada and school learning is like the North Pole.
  • School convinces us that you have to learn the curriculum to get a certain grade and it isn’t worth shit to lead a better life.

Q: You went to Harvard?

  • Yes, my 50th anniversary is coming up.

Q: Why not creating a school from your idea.

  • School is a place where you get programmed. I love some schools, but I went to Stanford a few months ago, and I hear people speak from the national science foundation. MIT is writing this up … everything we know about how people learn was violated. They are talking about: “Well, we got to be more open,” but they didn’t take a question until 4 hours into the event.

In summary real learning is not happening in the classroom. Please check out and implement the proven idea from Jay’s latest book: Real Learning they will help you to live a better life.

There is no better legacy than having us improve, and continuing to improve, people’s lives via your ideas.

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