Holo/Holochain Introduction with Jean Russell, Holo ICO Lead

Join us next Tuesday, April 17th 6pm for an Introduction to Holo/Holochain the first time in the heart of Silicon Valley at Mozilla in Mountain View.

Holo/Holochain is the next level blockchain platform that enables truly distributed internet, rooted in agent centricity, which allows you to be in charge of your own data. More details in Jean’s Medium post Get Oriented: 7 Posts on Holochain and Holo.

Jean Russell, project lead for the Holo ICO, will introduce Holochain and lead our conversation. Ms. Russell has been championing thrivability for a decade, with several published books on the topic, the most recent of which describes emerging organizational design and culture practices. She brings her skills and vision to the Holochain project where living system principles are being deeply woven into the design of a distributed computing crypto-platform.

We will do our best to webcast the event, but the best is to be there in person đŸ™‚
If you rather get up to speed via a video, there is a whole Holo Youtube channel.
One Matt Schuette internview on Crypto Disrupted has collected 15K views already.
Check it out: