POW! Impact Movie Night: Join us for a 13th Documentary Netflix Party this Sunday 26th 6pm

I would like to invite the Future Salon community to an experimental POW! Network* event this Sunday 26th of July at 6 pm.

Here is the framework:

  • Come together to watch an impactful movie.
  • Discuss the lessons learned from it right after.
  • Collectively come up with at least one concrete action that we all can do to impact the situation.

The goal is to go beyond just being informed about a situation, but produce a collective impact together.

Will we come up and agree on a joint action? We don’t know yet, but it is worth a try.

Please join us for this experiment. This Sunday at 6 pm we will watch the 13th documentary film, which some call the most influential and timely movie of the year.

Please have the Netflix Party chrome extension installed. Yes, it currently only works with Chrome.


Once you installed the extension, an NP shows up next to the right of the URL bar in your browser. It is usually greyed out may be hidden in a dropdown menu. It lights up red once you are on Netflix.

On Sunday we will share our Netflix Party URL with you. Unfortunately, you need to be a Netflix subscriber to be able to participate.

*POW!(Power Our World) Network is an initiative spearheaded by Zann Gill & team which I am part of. It is tracking and influencing the impact of great films committed to the environment and social justice.