Tomorrow: Ceptr @ Thrivable Future Salon

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow Wednesday 20th of January 6pm for our: Ceptr @ Thrivable Future Salon at the IFTF in Palo Alto. Register now if you haven’t yet.


Ceptr is a toolset for building semantic, mashable, fully decentralized applications. As Bitcoin goes through a rough patch, Arthur Brock suggests a fractal method focusing on autonomous distributed processing as a more viable and scalable approach than global ledger consensus. Ceptr is a better way forward.

Some logistics for tomorrow:

  • We created a ride sharing document. Please use it to coordinate. We have people who want to come but lack transit!
  • Thanks to IFTF for providing sodas and water. We have limited donations for beer and wine. Please help out by bringing snacks, beer & wine to share to tide us over until…
  • Afterwards, we will march to Pizza My Heart down the block at the end. Fill your stomach then!


  • Door open and networking 6pm
  • Starting 6:15pm
  • Welcome and  Thrivable Future Salon History from Mark
  • IFTF Welcome from Andrew
  • 6:30 Unpanel facilitated by Jean
  • 7:30 Breakout small group discussions
  • 8:15 Whole group discussion and wrap-up
  • 9pm Brass Off with make shift TFS Marching Band down the block to Pizza My Heart.
    Don’t forget your brass instrument!

Continue discussion over a slice of pizza and a beverage of your choice.

We can’t wait to see you all there.

P.S. Can’t be there in person? Join the Ceptr Thrivable Future Salon Spreecast for remote participation. We will do our best to include you in the discussion.