Brass Off @ The Thrivable Future Salon

Dough Engelbart Picture by Neill Kennedy
Brass off? Not what you think. You see, everyone coming to the Thrivable Future Salon [TFS] works hard on making this world a better place.

Sometimes it can be a bit dry and technical, the positive future may seem far away, and it looks¬†uncertain whether we will ever get there. But one thing is for certain, we are going to have fun all the way! ūüôā

Pizza My Heart Future SalonFor years we would come together for the Future Salon at SAP.  At around 9pm once we closed there, a core group of people would continue the amazing discussion by going to Pizza My Heart on University Avenue in Palo Alto.

Doug Engelbart, for example, loved it. We talked all night, until they closed shop, and then we continued on the sidewalk. He would be really energized and say, “these are my people.” I think this was one of the reasons he joined us at the Accelerating Change conference as well as doing a second Future Salon.

This month’s Ceptr TFS on the 20th of January is hosted by the friendly folks at the Institute for the Future IFTF in Palo Alto. Turns out, they are located¬†literally down the block from Pizza My Heart.

Therefore, for Auld Lang Syne, we will march down to Pizza My Heart, once we are done at IFTF. If we are marching anyhow, why not have a little make shift Brass Band leading the way? Please dust off your old trumpet/clarinet/trombone/drum … even if you haven’t played since high school, or especially if you haven’t played since high school. Bring it with you and join the TFS Marching Band.

It is a short block, 2 songs should do.

I recorded Auld Lang Syne with some wrong notes and all. Hope that sets the tone and takes the fear away that you may not be good enough to be part of it. If you can half way play the tune, you are in! The second song is: Oh When The Saints:

Let me know if you bring an instrument, or if you are in need of one. I will come with a soprano Sax and one more person promised to bring an alto. The more the merrier. Let’s Brass Off.

P.S. All details to the Ceptr Thrivable Future Salon in this post.

P.P.S. Post title freely adjusted from the marvelous Brassed Off Movie.

Found sheet music so that it is easier for most:

Auld Lang Syne

C instruments:

Auld+Lang+Syne g-major 1#
Bb instruments:

auld-lang-syne f-major 1b

Oh when the saints

C instruments:

Oh when the saints 1#

Bb instruments:

Free tenor saxophone sheet music, When The Saints Go Marching In 1b F-Major


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