5+5[+5] Basic Innovation Income

At the Thrivable Future Salon on Wednesday the 14th of October at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, Jean will do a short introduction to Thrivability. After that we are having 5+5[+5] Open Mike Thrivable Future Salon Sessions.

Their format is as follows:

  • 5 minutes to introduce your idea.
  • 5 minutes to discuss the idea and any aspects that may make it succeed or fail.
  • If after 5 minutes of discussion the energy is high in the room, with lots of viewpoints that have not been explored yet, we extend this discussion for another 5 minutes.

After that the next idea is presented. Thus the 5+5[+5] name. (Open to a better name, if you have one.)

Past Future Salon presenters often told me that my audience would ask the most interesting questions and I am convinced that this will be the case on the 14th too.

Basic Innovation Income will be the idea that I will share this time in my 5+.
What I like about it is, that it makes sense to me, but it feels like there is a lot of room for improvement or aspects that I haven’t thought about. Therefore I can’t wait for the discussion.

AI and robotics will make most of our current jobs obsolete. Check out this cooking robot, that will be able to create Micheline star chef meals every time.

We are going to work, or as Jon Robb calls it turking, more and more for the algorithms.

Many people put food on the table of their families by driving for Uber actually for the Uber algorithm.

Elon Musk is on track to have fully autonomous Teslas on the road by 2018. Now Uber promised to buy all the self driving cars that Tesla can build, as for them, their algorithm has expanded to the last mile.

All Uber, Taxi, Truck, Golf card, … drivers will have to find another job, just out of reach of the algorithms (until the algorithm catches up again). Therefore, it will be ever harder for most people to keep up.

According to the Economist we are living in a StartUp economy. Again John Robb in his post: Thinking Clearly in a Nation of Start-ups.

He calls what is needed is Basic Innovation Income to transition into the post scarcity society.

The winners in our StartUp economy are getting exponentially rewarded for their success. The more people that we as a society can free up, via Basic Innovation Income, to tinker on the next, dare I say it “Unicorn”, the better are the chances for that economy to have these run away successes. The flip side is, we have to set up a system where these exponential rewards pay for everyone else’s Basic Innovation Income.

Studies have shown, that after a certain threshold, back then it was around $70K per year, there is almost no difference in how happy you are from making more money.

Basic Innovation Income let’s us sleep at night!

On the day we implement Basic Innovation Income, if you listen closely, you will hear a universal sigh of relief. A weight will be taken off our collective shoulders. All the worry and the stress will be gone, that comes with the need to hustle to have food on the table of our families, to have a roof over the heads of our loved ones, that we can pay our bills for our basic needs …

All that will be gone. We will finally have time to heal ourselves, heal our relationships, have time to look around and see what needs to be done in our communities and do that together. In other words we will finally be able to sleep in peace, be well rested, and play.

That universal playfulness will be the best environment for us to come up with new ideas and ventures to grow the economy in a positive direction.

Can’t wait to discuss this idea and any other that you bring to the table aka fill out the form to present or just come to the Thrivable Future Salon on the 15th of October at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco.

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