5+5[+5] Sessions Oct 14 Thrivable Future Salon

San Francisco Sunrise this morning 13th of October

San Francisco Bay Sunrise 13th of October 2015

We love the diversity of sessions that participants are going to present, tomorrow, Wednesday 14th of October at the Thrivable Future Salon [register now].

After an introduction to Thrivability and the Future Salon we are having 5+5[+5] open mike sessions: 5 minute of introduction to a theme. 5 minutes of discussion in the room, and if the activity in the room is high, we add another 5 minutes to the discussion before we start the next session.

Here is the lineup:

Regenerative commons — Aaron Haldiman

The regenerative commons is a concept which seeks to shift public spaces such as local parks, from existing as government maintained spaces that we visit to integrated commons which we share ownership and maintenance. The goal is to create robust food production systems, harvest and store water, build soil, educate and empower the local community, produce local energy, etc. Using functional systems, education, and empowerment, these under utilized communal hubs (parks) can become the village commons that meet the needs of the local community to create deep resilience and minimize dependence on centralized systems for food, water, energy, etc.

Take away: Our communal structures can be redesigned to create dynamic community resilience

Consequences of Unlimited, and Free, Clean Energy, here in less than 20 years — Paul C. Hoffman

Washington Post ran story on this a year ago. This is coming. Discuss what this will mean for planet. Can suck massive amounts of carbon OUT of atmosphere; end global warming. Can provide ample water, food, for all. End involuntary poverty.

Take away: Learn exponential thinking. The Future is vastly better than most people currently are aware.

Real LearningJay Cross

Learning and work are converging. Corporations tell people they are responsible for their own learning but give them no help. Learning is not schooling, but that’s the common assumption. I’ve set up the Real Learning project for DIY learners to enable bottom-up learning.

Take away: You can learn to work smarter and boost your intelligence.

People Centered Internet — Mei Lin Fung

Digital disruption of ways to earn income opens up space for new approaches. What if we could use the convergence of the mobile phone and banking in order to disrupt project financing ? If we make it possible for micro financing of projects by individuals or team to be transacted and tracked over the mobile phone, we can find those people who are most successful at taking in $’s and generating outcomes which are good for humanity. And how might we do that? Track project outcomes along the 17 dimensions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Take away: Every voice, every person has something to contribute – people, organizations, global entities

The Pivotal Way: Our style of work, software & data Greg Chase 

This is a brief overview of Pivotal Software including our unique way of working and providing software to companies. Perhaps this is a way to improve thrivability, if used right in the corporate world.

Take away: A better way for companies to work

Thrivable Systems must be FreeTravis Wellman

Why the architecture of global connective systems has to be different than people-with-accounts-on-web-servers for the emergence of liberating (free) human systems. The answers are old, but have not been adequately popularized. We missed the bus. We need to somehow get excited about old ideas again to build the platform right.

Take away: The answers are not new.

Basic Innovation IncomeMark Finnern

It makes economic and societal sense to provide basic innovation income to everyone on the planet for a transition to a post-scarcity society. It will allow everyone to focus on thriving for themselves and their community.

Take away: Basic Innovation Income kickstarting a thriving world of abundance.

Co-CreationJean M Russell

How do we move across the spectrum of cooperation and collaboration to co-creation?
It means being leader-full rather than leaderless. It doesn’t mean co-creative on all dimensions. Dictate goal, process, or participants.

Take away: Try to be co-creative, leaderfull, and clear on process

The sessions we don’t get to tomorrow will be covered in the next one.

Join us tomorrow 14th of October Thrivable Future Salon in San Francisco at Pivotal Labs.

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