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Jay Cross Thrivable Future Salon Oct 2015

What are the 3 most powerful words ever spoken right after “I love you”?

In my world it is “You inspired me!

After our Thrivable Future Salon last Thursday, Augustin Bralley wrote us:

Wonderful night last night! I woke up inspired to write:
The future doesn’t have to suck.

Thank you Augustin, it makes our effort all worth while.

Loved the event. Thank you all for coming, especially the other 5+5 speakers: Jay CrossMei Lin FungGreg ChaseTravis Wellman, plus last minute addition from Pete Forsyth [who has some upcoming events].  Extra thanks goes to Greg Chase for opening the Pivotal Labs doors, especially the elevator ones. 😉

The very night I was talking about self-driving cars taking over the transportation industry and its jobs,  many Tesla cars got their software updated and have now an autopilot mode. Apparently every Tesla built in the last 12 months has 12 sensors including HD cameras.

The Tesla fleet is a self learning network, as most likely every car is sending back their recording to Tesla. That needs to be confirmed. As a Tesla driver, it would make me a bit uneasy to know that my every move is HD tracked. On the other hand, I would be stoked about the constant improvements that Tesla will be able to generate based on the data gathered from all of the Teslas. To be continued. We are living in interesting times.

One of my favorite moments was when Pete, at the beginning of his session about Wikipedia, asked the audience how many people have ever updated Wikipedia. Almost all hands went up. That is the attitude of the Thrivable Future Salon participants: We are improving the world even with small or large entries on Wikipedia.

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